As goes with all Genesis phases, the primary focus will be to distribute additional $ZED tokens and to allow $ZED token holders to obtain farming rewards. The genesis pool allocations will be as follows:

  • $ZED-USDC LP: 30%

  • USDC (USD Coin): 30%

  • WETH (Ethereum): 30%

  • SCALE (Equalizer): 10%

Why have a Presale if you are having a Genesis?

It is crucial to note that the aim of holding the presale allows $ZED to gain runway whereas we have seen that a lot of tomb fork models die shortly after the genesis phase simply because people farm the genesis with non-native pools and sell the rewards.

With this model - Presale followed by the genesis, not only can we incentivize presalers to farm with the tokens that are allocated to them through lucrative farming opportunities, but we also ensure that $ZED is essentially collateralized at the commencement with the presale funds ensuring that the protocol does not get harmed. This is further reinforced by the The Custodiansystem and the sAMM Magic. We believe differentiating away from the typical Genesis model only aids the longevity of the protocol and helps investors remain happy with their farming rewards.

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