Key Details:

  • Presale Launch: 18th of October, 2023 at 12 PM EST

  • Presale Allocation: 18,000 $ZED and 30 $ZSHARE

  • Presale Price: Each $ZED token is priced at $0.85 representing a 15% discount to the launch price of $1. The token will have its own price discovery time afterward where we imagine those that invest in the presale and early phases of the protocol will benefit gradually with both incentivized farming in Genesisand capital appreciation.

  • Minimum Contribution: No minimum contribution.

  • Maximum Contribution: To ensure fair distribution and prevent centralization, each investor can contribute up to a maximum of $1000. With remaining tokens being sold to the public on a First Come First Serve basis.

  • Presale Goals:

    • Softcap: $10,000

    • HardCap: $30,000

  • Token Distribution: Tokens will be claimed by users from the website at the time of launch.

  • Vesting Schedule: Presold tokens will be vested linearly over the course of the Genesis phase with tokens starting to be claimable shortly before the Genesis. This makes it so that participants are able to claim and farm in the genesis phase to thicken liquidity and not cause unnecessary hours with which we encourage presalers to LP with fresh USDC and farm to gain increased rewards in the Genesisphase.

Presale funds allocation

The funds raised from the presale will be distributed accordingly:

  • 10% of the raised funds will go towards marketing and potential auditing expenses

  • 20% of funds will be reserved solely for liquidity purposes ($ZED and $ZSHARE)

  • 10% of the raised funds will be allocated for the team

  • 60% of raised funds will be solely dedicated to ensuring that even if ALL presale tokens are sold, the peg is maintained. This amount by default over-collateralizes (>1 $ZED=1 $USDC) the $ZED token for all Presale tokens.

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