Introduction to Project ZED

In the diverse and upcoming realm of Decentralized Finance, a new venture emerges from the shadows - Project Zed Finance.

This isn't merely a run-of-the-mill tomb fork; it stands as the patriarch of all forks, presenting a refined vision of Tomb itself by adding several mechanisms to aid farmers do what they love doing best - farming.

Project Zed Finance endeavors to showcase that individuals can securely yield profits within the domain of Decentralized Finance. The protocol was conceived by The Chain Farmersβ„’, or TCF for short, a coalition driven by a singular purpose: to provide platforms free from deceit, ensuring that the TCF insignia is synonymous with trustworthiness and dependability. TCF aims to continue to bring new projects for investors while not having to worry about being rugged or scammed as the team is recognizable as a strong and reliable team. We aim to make TCF a known name, for both its security and its safety where nobody will lose money from potential exploits or the team rugging.

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